Take Charge of Your Health  

You are unique. Your body, mind, and spirit are an exquisite expression of YOUR life.

Physical pain is debilitating.  Life is just not as enjoyable when you’re in pain.

Mental or emotional pain can be even worse.   You may have insomnia, anxiety, or depression.   It shows up physically as digestive issues, migraine headaches, and neck and back pain.

The stress of pain – physical, mental, or emotional – disconnects you from your spirit, the life force that energizes you. It’s what propels you forward, bubbling with ideas and creativity.   It’s what leads to success at work, in your relationships… in your life.

Aligning the body and mind with spirit will free you from pain, fill you with energy, and put you on the path to true happiness.

Enlightened Body

An enlightened body is the awakening of an integrated, conscious being.

You feel energized, clear, and make choices that are perfect for who you are.  You are able to release what is reactive, painful, and debilitating and absorb what is nourishing, energizing, and healing.

Put simply, it’s about eating, thinking, and acting according to who YOU are.

You can take charge of your health – reverse disease, release chronic pain, and rid yourself of anxiety and depression.

You can take control of your life – enlighten your body, awaken your mind, and allow your truth to come through clearly, powerfully, and naturally.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture adjusts the delicate balance if your body’s nervous system. When the right adjustments are made, pain is relieved. Chinese herbal medicine is a sophisticated method of combining natural substances to cause significant physiological change in the body.  Together they can usher in transformative changes in your life. more

Diet and Health Coaching
You really do become what you eat.  The food that you choose becomes the nourishment for all the life processes in your body.  When you eat food that your body cannot digest well, the system becomes stressed and eventually breaks down.  Eating food that’s right for your body relieves the stress burden and enlivens the system. more

Somatic Healing
When we listen closely to what the body is saying, unconscious patterns and traumas are brought to awareness and released.  Old, unwanted behavioral patterns can be identified and reprogrammed.  The bodymind is able to finally relax, become present, and meet the moment without the baggage of the past. more

Life Coaching
There is a dynamic flow to life that, when resisted, causes confusion and suffering.  When we are able to identify and live according to who we really are… we connect to a flow… a source of power… an intelligence… that can guide us through our toughest decisions and most difficult transitions. Connecting with yourself at a deep level does not always cause life to be easy, but you have instant access to the tools, practices, and awareness to meet life’s continual challenges. more

Specific Issues

Acupuncture is probably best known for its pain-relieving abilities.  It can be quite astonishing just how quickly pain will diminish or disappear entirely!

When working with pain conditions, it’s important to understand the source of the pain.  With most muscle pain, acupuncture will have an immediate effect.  Acupuncture will also relieve pain and discomfort associated with inflammation.

While we’re still looking for a good answer from science, we can rely on the multitudes of people who have found relief from this powerful treatment method.

How does it work?  A Chinese medicine explanation would say that pain is the result of qi (energy), not moving freely.  This stagnation of energy causes pain.  Acupuncture releases the stagnation, gets the energy flowing, and so pain is relieved.

Stressed?  Aren’t we all?  One of the best thing about an acupuncture treatment is the stress-relieving quality… that comes with almost every session… no matter what is being treated.

Stress, aggravation, overwhelm.  These are reactions of the body to forces in the environment.  These days, stressful factors are constant in our lives.  We are overstimulated with information and the demand on our time is greater than ever.

Our bodies simply have not fully evolved to deal with the stress of modern life.   Our “fight or flight” response is active too often.  This causes our internal organs to act as through we are constantly under threat.  It raises our blood pressure, pumps stress hormones into the system, changes breathing, and shuts down digestion.

Acupuncture can very quickly and easily shift our bodies from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest.”  This allows the body to repair the damage caused by stress.  It’s a state that we should be in more often to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves so that we can get back into our busy lives with renewed energy and vigor.

Nobody likes to feel anxious. It simply doesn’t feel good.

Anxiety is caused by certain aspects of the body being weak and then overloaded with stress. When this imbalance becomes more pronounced, the effect on experience is one of great fear and inability to participate in regular, daily events of life.

Similar to the way acupuncture treats stress, it’s able to calm the body down so that it can begin to repair itself. As the weakness gets stronger, the body is able to contain more stressful energies.

Herbal medicine is a strong supplement to acupuncture treatment as the physical ingestion of certain plant material is very nourishing. Over time, the body’s energy is regulated and anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

We should really be talking about weight management. At first you might want to lose weight. We can do that quickly and naturally. Following principles of Chinese medicine, the Paleo diet, as well as the latest understandings in modern science, we can design a plan that will use your own fat to make energy..

When you use your own fat for energy, you quickly lose the extra pounds. As you lose the weight, your blood sugar will regulate, cholesterol and triglyceride levels will come down, and your energy will begin to stabilize. No more big ups and downs all day.

You will feel like a new person… or at least like the person you know you can be!

Stress, anxiety, information overload … are all contributors to a bad night’s sleep. Bad habits certainly get in the way as well, but there is a deeper process at work.

When our bodies are under stress for too long, our nervous system takes the hit. This is the Autonomic Nervous System, or the part of the system that runs our internal organs.

There are two sides to this system. The stress response and the relaxation response. One we call “fight or flight” (sympathetic) and the other “rest and digest” (parasympathetic).

After a while, our bodies may be in “fight or flight” almost all the time. This eventually leads to feeling “wired” and “tired.” The body needs extended periods of “rest and digest” time to rejuvenate, repair, and replenish all of its systems.

So while there are many things an insomniac can do to adjust behavior and habits, the internal dynamic must be harmonized before real rest will comes.

We treat insomnia with a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, mindfulness practice, breathing techniques, and recorded guided meditations that all help to induce a good night’s sleep.