“I think that Jeremy is fantastic. I first went to him to treat severe back pain, which I’ve had on and off for nearly 25 years, and for which Western medicine (including physical therapists) has never been very helpful. He gave me immediate and sustained relief.” – Marc A., San Francisco, CA
Marc A.
“I have been lucky to have seen some of the best practitioners (medical, traditional and non) in the Bay Area. All I can say is that I feel universally better, sharper and more present after a session with Jeremy. I like that he can use a number of different modalities in his service, it allows me to rise to a higher level when I work and play. Thank you Jeremy.” – Lilian C. Oakland, California
Jeremy is soft, un-judgmental, understanding, and down-to-earth. He well understands both western and eastern schools of thought on how the body actually works, and was able to teach me how to continually work with the body outside of his work to maintain a correct, normal good-feeling. I am forever in his debt.” – Reanne N., San Francisco, California
“Jeremy has made me feel hopeful about taking on my pain and beating it vs being a victim of it and this mindshift has been absolutely invaluable to me both in dealing with this specific issue, but truly in how I look at and manage other challenges in my life.” – Steven G., San Francisco, California
“I have been seeing Jeremy for more than one year, having been plagued for over 20 years by debilitating migraine headaches. Without question, Jeremy’s periodic acupuncture treatments have brought me nearly complete relief.” – John S., Mill Valley, California

Jeremy Rothenberg, LAc. MS, DiplOM
Licensed Acupuncturist, Master of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diplomate in Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture for Pain

Acupuncture is best known for it’s amazing pain-relieving ability.

It’s not something that you have to believe in… it works.   Many studies have come in supporting acupuncture’s pain relieving ability – here’s one, and another one.

In my practice, I expect pain to be relieved immediately by a measurable margin.  Usually, the effects of the first visit will need to be supported by additional treatments.  As the effect builds over time, pain is either significantly reduced or eliminated entirely.

Almost all chronic pain conditions will respond to acupuncture.  The most common and successful conditions we treat are neck pain, back pain, and migraine headaches.

People are surprised by how quick their pain changes… it can sometimes feel like magic.  It’s not.  It’s quite simply a subtle, yet very effective way to adjust the underlying energy (electrochemical communication) system of the body, which has instant results.

Treatment is an important step in your healing process.  It’s equally important to take a look at the habits, diet, and lifestyle that may have caused the dysfunction in the first place.  Depending on the cause of the pain, some adjustment to these aspects of life might be necessary to support a successful, long-term, outcome.

Consider a 71 year old patient who came in after 25 years of unrelenting back pain.  He was on a slew of medications and didn’t think acupuncture would help at all.  After discussing his dietary habits, we decided to adjust how he was eating to support the acupuncture treatment.  Within a couple of months, he had lost more than 25 pounds, his pain was reduced so that he no longer needed to walk with a cane, and he had tapered off his pain meds.

He looked and felt at least 10 years younger.

If you’re looking to relieve pain that you’ve had for a long time, acupuncture is a powerful partner in getting you back to feeling like old self again.

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Acupuncture for Mental Health

Beyond pain relief is something deeper and profound.

Acupuncture works at the depth of your being – at the level of the autonomic nervous system.   This part of our nervous system runs the organs and is either in a state of alert or relaxation.

An acupuncture treatment quickly brings the bodymind into a state of deep relaxation.  When the nervous system is relaxed this deeply, healing and repair can happen naturally.

When we are in a state of alert, we are under stress.  In this state, our bodies are in production mode.   In our current 24/7 information overload society, we are unfortunately in this state longer than our systems were programmed for through evolution.

Our nervous systems are overloaded.

This overload must be dealt with to treat disorders of the nervous system, i.e. stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, PTSD, ADHD, and on and on.

Acupuncture is an incredible tool to reset the nervous system.  There are numerous points on the body where our energy – electromagnetic communication – gets blocked or stagnant or even withers away.

Depending on your unique situation, some of these points may be chosen to release or nourish this energy back into healthy communication with the rest of your body.

Once this process has been activated, it will be important to learn and incorporate tools such as breathing techniques,  mindfulness meditation,  yoga, chi gong, and the like.

When you can integrate treatment with new habits and rituals in your everyday life, you will find lasting relief to mental health issues.  Our comprehensive approach includes tools and techniques for calming the mind and body outside of the treatment room.

A military veteran came in with severe symptoms of PTSD.  She had been bouncing around from doctor to doctor with limited results.  Her psychiatrist was ready to “fire” her because she wasn’t getting better.  After a few short target treatments with acupuncture, she reported feeling better than she has in years.  She was able to focus better and longer, was optimistic about the future, and her other doctors were amazed at her quick progress.

She now is able to modulate her nervous system through breathing and mindfulness meditation practice to extend the effects of each treatment and gain more control over her life.

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Food is Medicine

Lose Weight – Regulate Physiological Function – Reverse Chronic Conditions

You can quickly and safely lose weight, gain energy, and reverse chronic disorders such as pre-diabetes, high cholesterol, and digestive issues.

The single most effective tool used in healing the body is food – our diet.

Food is medicine.

The Standard American Diet (SAD) is filled with foods that would be unrecognizable to your recent ancestors.  The amount of processing, chemical additives, and over abundance of sugars in packaged foods puts a strain on the body’s ability to breakdown and utilize the nutrients (or lack) they contain.

Food is medicine because it has a major influence on just about every aspect of your body’s functioning. You are what you eat… or rather, what you eat is the raw materials for what you will become.

When you eat foods that your body cannot process well, your system comes under stress.  When you eat foods that have more energy than your body needs to function, you get fat.  When you never burn fat because of your continue exposure to high density, calorie intensive foods, you get fatter.

Likewise, when you eat whole foods that you and other humans have eaten throughout our evolution, your body has a chance to balance.

In a short amount of time, your body weight becomes optimized for your frame and size.

The Paleo Diet

In my practice, I use a modified Paleo Diet as both a cleanse and launching point for a new you.

As a cleanse, the Paleo Diet removes all the foods that your body may not process well.  These are commonly referred to as food “allergies,” but are usually food “intolerances.”  It also removes the overabundance of sugar in what is referred to as the Standard American Diet (SAD).

In Chinese medicine, we there is a condition that is called, “dampness.”   When we’re damp, we feel heavy, tired, foggy, and generally, “blah.”

This excessive energy is primarily acquired through eating foods that our bodies don’t process well.  It’s as though there is a leftover byproduct that simply never gets fully metabolized or absorbed into our system.

The Paleo Diet removes these damp agents and allows our systems to run efficiently.

Instead of using the constant supply of sugar for energy, the body switches to burning fat.  As this process goes on, you will slim down rather quickly.

As you burn fat and release dampness, you feel lighter and more energetic.

What’s more is that your internal environment becomes cleaner; your cholesterol numbers regulate, triglycerides regulate, and blood sugar normalizes.

High cholesterol, pre-diabetes, diabetes, and other metabolic disorders become a thing of the past.

And you simply look and feel great.

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine
Acupuncture adjusts the delicate balance if your body’s nervous system. When the right adjustments are made, pain is relieved. Chinese herbal medicine is a sophisticated method of combining natural substances to cause significant physiological change in the body.  Together they can usher in transformative changes in your life.

Nutritional Counseling
You really do become what you eat.  The food that you choose becomes the nourishment for all the life processes in your body.  When you eat food that your body cannot digest well, the system becomes stressed and eventually breaks down.  Eating food that’s right for your body relieves the stress burden and enlivens the system.

Research is beginning to show the powerful effects of mindfulness and other meditation practices on pain, anxiety, and habit change. As we learn to still our minds and fully inhabit our bodies, our nervous system begins to unwind and relax deeply.

This relaxation allows for true healing to occur – the necessary physiological fertilizer from which our true selves can grow and emerge. When we apply these practices to acupuncture and other physical interventions, the effectiveness rises substantially.

Somatic Healing
When we listen closely to what the body is saying, unconscious patterns and traumas are brought to awareness and released.  Old, unwanted behavioral patterns can be identified and reprogrammed.  The bodymind is able to finally relax, become present, and meet the moment without the baggage of the past. As we are able to release these old patterns, our nervous systems relax into the necessary state for true healing to occur.


Acupuncture works by signaling your brain to adjust the energy that is supplied to particular parts of your body.

The precise mechanism is still unknown to our western scientific minds, but it is clear that there is a change to the autonomic nervous system, the hormonal system, and blood flow to the tissues.

Traditional Chinese medicine describes the life-force energy circulating through the body in a particular network and direction.  By stimulating acupuncture points with pressure, needles, heat, or suction, the body is instructed to adjust that energetic flow.

When balance is achieved, healing takes place.

It depends.  Acupuncture treatment can resolve some issues in one or two visits.

Most people require a sequence of visits that depends on the severity of the condition.  You can expect to come in at least 5-10 visits for older, complex issues.

Acupuncture works by communicating with your body.  Your body will initially accept the message, but as you go about your everyday life, your muscle memory, plus the way you think, eat, and act, will sometimes counteract the treatment.

Each session will build upon the previous treatment until your body fully accepts the new message. If you are able to modify your own habits, long-term success will come quicker.

Yes!  Insurance coverage for acupuncture is increasing everyday.

If you have Insurance through Obamacare, you are guaranteed to have acupuncture coverage.  We accept most plans that have acupuncture coverage.

We are happy to check your coverage for you, simply fill out this form and we’ll get back to you within a day.

Mostly, no. But you’ll feel it.

Oftentimes, patients report feeling a sensation, which then quickly dissipates.  People are surprised that they will fall asleep with the needles in!

By the end of the treatment, you will feel deeply relaxed.

If you’re afraid of acupuncture needles, you should know that they are extremely thin – about the width of a human hair!

Acupuncture needles are not like hypodermic needles that are used when you get a shot at the doctors office.  You can fit between 15-20 needles width-wise in the head of one of those needles!

We use only single-use, disposable needles.

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