Free Yourself From Pain  

Pain – noun \ˈpān\

: the physical feeling caused by disease, injury, or something that hurts the body
: mental or emotional suffering: sadness caused by some emotional or mental problem

Pain Relief

Life is just not as much fun when you’re in pain.  It can feel like a weight dragging you down.

But pain is simply the experience of energy not flowing properly in the body.  Acupuncture helps to remove what blocks energy from flowing freely.  Pain is relieved quickly and effectively.  You can get on with your life.

Acupuncture provides lasting relief from neck pain, back pain, headaches & migraines.

Acupuncture will also calm your nerves (stress), boost your energy (fatigue), and get you to sleep (insomnia).

Release that weight and get back to feeling like yourself again!


YOU are free.  That is your natural state.  Free of pain and the restrictions that hold back the true expression of who you are.

Enlightenment is about letting go of everything that’s not true.  An enlightened body is one that is able to follow it’s natural, innate, intelligence.

Of course, the stress and strain of everyday life affects your energy.  Mine, too.  We suffer.  The natural intelligence that nourishes and replenishes our bodies can slow down and become stagnant.  This not only feels horrible, but these are the blocks to natural healing that result in dis-ease.

Acupuncture helps the system realign and rejuvenate.  But there’s more to it than that.

You must learn to treat yourself.  You are the keeper of that body of yours.  Learn how to love yourself and treat yourself the way you want and need to be treated.

When you incorporate mindfulness practices, stress reduction, diet adjustments, and the release of old, unwanted emotions, you will begin to shed layers of old behaviors that simply don’t serve you anymore.

When you shed layers, you become lighter… your body becomes enlightened.

Weight Loss

And then there’s the physical weight that weighs you down.

Sometimes, the extra pounds can be the cause of pain.  Oftentimes, it causes  (or was caused by) emotional upset.  But most definitely, the extra weight you are carrying is having a negative physiological effect on your mind and body.

Wouldn’t it be nice to drop that weight and take control of your life?

Through a personal diet design based on traditional medicine and modern science, you can easily lose weight.  Add a bit of mindful awareness training, and you will keep the weight off for good.

You’ll find out that it’s not all about counting calories.  It’s not all about suffering.  You can still eat plenty of food … just the right food for your body.  You will then lose weight, gain energy, and most importantly, get back to your life.

Total Wellness

Wellness goes beyond the treatment table.  An enlightened body is one where mind and body are in sync – aligned to allow your energy to flow freely and your true vibrant nature to shine through.

It’s about YOU.  When you look inside, wake up, and become more present … healing happens.

You can find that happiness, that joy of life.

You can enlighten your body, awaken your mind, and let go of what’s no longer working for you.

Specific Issues

Acupuncture is probably best known for its pain-relieving abilities.  It can be quite astonishing just how quickly pain will diminish or disappear entirely!

When working with pain conditions, it’s important to understand the source of the pain.  With most muscle pain, acupuncture will have an immediate effect.  Acupuncture will also relieve pain and discomfort associated with inflammation.

While we’re still looking for a good answer from science, we can rely on the multitudes of people who have found relief from this powerful treatment method.

How does it work?  A Chinese medicine explanation would say that pain is the result of qi (energy), not moving freely.  This stagnation of energy causes pain.  Acupuncture releases the stagnation, gets the energy flowing, and so pain is relieved.

Stressed?  Aren’t we all?  One of the best thing about an acupuncture treatment is the stress-relieving quality… that comes with almost every session… no matter what is being treated.

Stress, aggravation, overwhelm.  These are reactions of the body to forces in the environment.  These days, stressful factors are constant in our lives.  We are overstimulated with information and the demand on our time is greater than ever.

Our bodies simply have not fully evolved to deal with the stress of modern life.   Our “fight or flight” response is active too often.  This causes our internal organs to act as through we are constantly under threat.  It raises our blood pressure, pumps stress hormones into the system, changes breathing, and shuts down digestion.

Acupuncture can very quickly and easily shift our bodies from “fight or flight” to “rest and digest.”  This allows the body to repair the damage caused by stress.  It’s a state that we should be in more often to rejuvenate and refresh ourselves so that we can get back into our busy lives with renewed energy and vigor.

Nobody likes to feel anxious. It simply doesn’t feel good.

Anxiety is caused by certain aspects of the body being weak and then overloaded with stress. When this imbalance becomes more pronounced, the effect on experience is one of great fear and inability to participate in regular, daily events of life.

Similar to the way acupuncture treats stress, it’s able to calm the body down so that it can begin to repair itself. As the weakness gets stronger, the body is able to contain more stressful energies.

Herbal medicine is a strong supplement to acupuncture treatment as the physical ingestion of certain plant material is very nourishing. Over time, the body’s energy is regulated and anxiety becomes a thing of the past.

We should really be talking about weight management. At first you might want to lose weight. We can do that quickly and naturally. Following principles of Chinese medicine, the Paleo diet, as well as the latest understandings in modern science, we can design a plan that will use your own fat to make energy..

When you use your own fat for energy, you quickly lose the extra pounds. As you lose the weight, your blood sugar will regulate, cholesterol and triglyceride levels will come down, and your energy will begin to stabilize. No more big ups and downs all day.

You will feel like a new person… or at least like the person you know you can be!

Stress, anxiety, information overload … are all contributors to a bad night’s sleep. Bad habits certainly get in the way as well, but there is a deeper process at work.

When our bodies are under stress for too long, our nervous system takes the hit. This is the Autonomic Nervous System, or the part of the system that runs our internal organs.

There are two sides to this system. The stress response and the relaxation response. One we call “fight or flight” (sympathetic) and the other “rest and digest” (parasympathetic).

After a while, our bodies may be in “fight or flight” almost all the time. This eventually leads to feeling “wired” and “tired.” The body needs extended periods of “rest and digest” time to rejuvenate, repair, and replenish all of its systems.

So while there are many things an insomniac can do to adjust behavior and habits, the internal dynamic must be harmonized before real rest will comes.

We treat insomnia with a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, mindfulness practice, breathing techniques, and recorded guided meditations that all help to induce a good night’s sleep.

Complementary Consultation

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Let’s see what we can do together.
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Relaxed & Recharged

“Jeremy provides a safe space for me to discuss day to day struggles I encounter.

He has the ability to help me connect the the chatter in my head to the effects it can cause on the body.

Through this, I am able to quiet the noise and not let it get in the way of being present (which is a constant struggle at times).

I leave each session relaxed and recharged. Jeremy, you are the best!”

Awakened and empowered


Jeremy was able to make an immediate impact on my life from our very first phone conversation.

I never thought I would be able to receive such beneficial and life-changing knowledge over the phone.

Jeremy is an engaging teacher, nurturer, and healer.

He has an incredible ability to help you dissect any situation, find its root existence and release it.

I've tried many types of therapy in my lifetime, but nothing has made me feel as good as I do working with Jeremy. I leave every session feeling lighter, awakened and empowered.

Jeremy is a gift and I look forward to finding my authentic self through his techniques and support.

Thank you Jeremy.

Tremendous Help

“Jeremy has been helping me with variety of issues both physical and mental. He has been a tremendous help.

HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended .His knowledge and care is truly wonderful.”

Magical Breakthroughs


Jeremy's ability to help me feel and understand the connection between my thoughts, body sensations, and overall well-being has been one of the catalysts that helps me keep expanding toward an easier, happier version of me.

He is extremely gifted in helping me to achieve a relaxed body state and then guiding me to the origins of the stuck feelings or pattern.

Then, through a very unique method, he helps me to release the pattern and change the future trajectory of that pattern.

I go from feeling stuck, pessimistic or plagued by various erratic thoughts and emotions to feeling open and at ease about the future.

The best part is that in the weeks following our session, a space opens for a more authentic version of me to step forward and I've noticed that I make seemingly "magical" breakthroughs in various areas of my life.

Jeremy's compassion, intuition, leadership, and wisdom is a winning combination.

Finally Let Go!

“I've been dropping in to see Jeremy on and off over the years, and he continues to deliver quality healing each time.

His somatic acupuncture really gets to the underlying causes of the body's pain and holding patterns, teaching the body and brain how to finally let go!

Thanks, Jeremy, for sharing your gift with those of us who benefit from it greatly!”

Down to Earth


"Being the huge skeptic I am, when my husband ranted and raved about Jeremy over the many years of seeing him, after seeing how good my husband would feel, after seeing how much his health and mood has improved overall, after hearing of the things he would learn from Jeremy - I pushed my skepticism aside for the seemingly “metaphysical” “non-scientific” practice of Chinese medicine, in the hopes that if it has worked for billions of people over centuries, maybe it’s worth a test.

Turns out, I had forgotten what good feels like.

For a decade, I had been in constant pain, with diminishing hope of recovery, but Jeremy enabled me to feel how one is supposed to feel.

Compare your level of happiness, pain, stress, and mood to others. Do others smile more than you? I had little reason to anymore - always suffering. After years, the body and mind will gradually get used to increasing maladies, and one won’t realize it, as I didn’t.

My depressing, painful hole felt normal. I accepted that one must feel exhausted and ache after coming home from work. This “normal” suffering is not at all normal nor is it the feel of a correctly functioning body.

I wasn’t able to remember what good felt like until Jeremy’s work and his educated and empirical perspective lifted me there.

Jeremy is soft, un-judgmental, understanding, and down-to-earth. I had concerns that I would only hear obscure solutions like “You have too much ‘warmth,’ just take this herb forever,” - simple “band-aid” ideas that I couldn’t learn from.

But Jeremy has shown he well understands both western and eastern schools of thought on how the body actually works, and was able to teach me how to continually work with the body outside of his work to maintain a correct, normal good-feeling.

I am forever in his debt."

Great Relief & New Inspiration


“I was heading for crash-and-burn when grace landed me in Jeremy's care.

The healing was magic, the talks perspective-shifting and much fun. With endless patience and insight he guided my avalanches of questions into a complete re-orientation, a new way of looking at it all.

He taught me some super useful practices, from taking better care of my body and managing my energy, to recognizing the stuck places/old patterns, untangling the knots and letting go. Long after a session there is still this unfurling spaciousness from the seeds he planted.

He's by far the best doctor i've been to - highly intelligent and knowledgeable with a holistic perspective, intuitive healer-mojo and a gentle straight-shooting way.

He has brought great relief and new inspiration, i'm forever grateful.”

Expansive Approach

"Jeremy has an expansive approach to mind-body-emotion healing that supports the growth and health of individuals. Jeremy meets his patients where they are at and offers suggestions for ways they can improve their health and alleviate suffering. It is palpable to the patient that he is open, authentic and genuinely cares about his patients well-being!"

Jeremy Works Wonders

"I have been lucky to have seen some of the best practitioners (medical, traditional and non) in the Bay Area. All I can say is that I feel universally better, sharper and more present after a session with Jeremy. I like that he can use a number of different modalities in his service, it allows me to rise to a higher level when I work and play. Thank you Jeremy.""

A more peaceful way of life...


"Through the Enlightened Body class and one-on-one sessions, my world and consciousness are expanding exponentially.

Jeremy's class addresses how to maintain one's own heath in body, mind and spirit.

The techniques he taught have been invaluable at helping me move forward and maintain a more peaceful way of life in the midst of a frenetic city.

I am grateful for Jeremy and glad he is sharing his wisdom."

Truly Compassionate & Talented


Some people are born to be artists, some are born to design buildings and bridges, others are born to fix broken bones.

I'm convinced Jeremy was born to heal others and help them find their stronger, happier selves.

I started therapy & acupuncture with Jeremy when I was in the midst of a brutal heartbreak and a soul-killing job, and within a couple sessions, I was already feeling so much better and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jeremy is truly compassionate and talented.


Immediate & Sustained Relief

"I think that Jeremy is fantastic. I first went to him to treat severe back pain, which I've had on and off for nearly 25 years, and for which Western medicine (including physical therapists) has never been very helpful. He gave me immediate and sustained relief. Since that episode of back pain, he has treated me for a few other issues, some of which he healed over the course of several sessions, one of which he literally healed in one session.

Jeremy also takes a lot of time to ask about symptoms, improvements since the last treatment, other factors that may be affecting problem areas, and never seems in a rush during these dialogues. He is very good at explaining his methods, meridians, etc., in a way that makes sense to my very Western way of thinking.

I am the son and grandson of doctors and have great respect for MDs and had a nearly innate skepticism of acupuncture. No longer. Jeremy's treatments work, and he is a wonderful person to boot. I would recommend him to anyone.

Also, his office is really nice -- great design, clean, comfortable, relaxing and peaceful.""

90% Better in 5 Visits

"I first visited Jeremy looking for pain relief from a snowboarding injury. I had been in pain for 6 months, and Jeremy's treatment had me feeling 90% better in 5 visits, it was amazing. I have been a loyal patient for the past year and a half since my first visit, and Jeremy has helped me with everything from colds to headaches or flu, etc. He is great at approaching each new visit and challenge from a fresh perspective. He is a great listener and is very intuitive. I highly recommend Jeremy!""

Lightness & Clarity


“Jeremy's transformative work helped me GET TO a deep place in myself that is directly connected to where I'm challenged.

From there he guided me to RELEASE from the energetic origin of my resistance so that I could get into action. The result was LIGHTNESS & CLARITY. This is powerful work!”

Sciatica Help


"I am 82 years old and have a sciatica problem. The VA diagnosed my problem with the help of lower lumbar MRI It turned out that there was not much hope for me because of my age.

However, the VA approved and paid for me to see a Accupuncurist. I chose Dr. Jeremy Rothenberg and I was greatly appreciative when I was able to walk without a cane after the 4th treatment!"

NO Pain

"I found Jeremy here on Yelp (thanks Yelpies!) and am so impressed w him. My first appointment I was in TERRIBLE longterm pain in several places in my body (not to mention stiff and tense).
Over the course of a few weeks of twice weekly treatments, I am now in NO pain, and my stiffness has been significantly reduced. Jeremy is so smart, and knows his business. I tried 3 other acupuncturists in SF before finding Jeremy; two were ineffectual and one was not clean (yuck!).
You will know when he puts the first needle in that you are in the presence of a master healer.""


"Whether I am feeling super weak or top shape, I aim to maintain a steady visit schedule with Jeremy. I have been his patient for 3 years now. He has and continues to immensely help through many challenges. I am grateful for his knowledge and compassionate spirit."

Extremely Knowledgable

“Jeremy is a truly gifted healer.

He has a great energy about him and I have thoroughly enjoyed my treatments.

He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about health and wellness.

He gave me advice and recommendations on many important aspects of my life. His studio is chic and relaxing.”