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Getting to the core of an issue in your life demands attention to all of who you are.

You are not separate “parts” and are not separate from the world you live in.   When you engage in your own healing, it’s helpful to engage all of you in the process.

With treatment and practices to develop your own internal guidance, you can be free of pain and suffering – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Sometimes it’s just about pain relief, pure and simple. Acupuncture is phenomenal for relieving pain quickly and naturally – no side effects. A course of treatment will get you back on your way,  feeling happier and healthier than before.

Beyond pain, acupuncture harmonizes your nervous system to address many other issues in your life that are affected by stress (which is most).  When your nervous system is healthy your digestion functions well, cardiovascular issues resolve, menstrual problems regulate, and many mental health imbalances find balance as well.

Diet, & Herbal Medicine
Chinese herbal medicine is like nutrient-dense food therapy.  In addition to acupuncture treatment, I encourage clients to take a deeper look at their daily energy production, i.e., the food they eat.  When diet adjustments are made, it becomes easy to lose weight, lower blood pressure, reverse pre-diabetes and encourage healthy gut bacteria for problems of digestion and assimilation.  Herbal medicine will boost this process and make change happen even faster.

Mind-Body Training
Mind-body training is about going beyond the physical into the tangled web of thoughts, emotions, and spirit.   The work is about rooting out old patterns (that we often accept as who we are), creating new habits, and developing practices that open your life to new possibilities.

Healing and transformation do not require needles.  When you create your own change, in your life at your own pace, the results are truly profound.   Developing your own mindfulness practice, daily rituals, and self-inquiry practice is what will propel you into a deeply meaningful life.

The work we do together will allow you to tap into guidance that will be invaluable at work (or finding the work you love) and in creating truly authentic relationships – with yourself as well as others.

You will move from healing yourself to healing the world.
This is profound and lasting change you will take with you for the rest of your life.

Putting It All Together
Many clients find  a combination of acupuncture and mind-body training provides the best results.  Some discover that there is more to their pain or illness than acupuncture alone can address.  Others find that deeply engaging the mind-body is far easier when needles can quickly and easily calm the nervous system down for the inquiry to take place.

There is always an aspect of your life that is ready for change… I think that’s why you’re here.  When you can relax the body and engage the mind openly, an integration occurs that stabilizes your being to harness your life force – your true healer – into its true expression in your life with clarity and ease.

“My life has changed, my weight is down, my attitude is better and most importantly, my pain level is close to non-existent. I cannot repeat this often enough. It almost sounds like a commercial but Jeremy Rothenberg literally changed my life.”
Michael T. - San Francisco
“I have been lucky to have seen some of the best practitioners (medical, traditional and non) in the Bay Area. All I can say is that I feel universally better, sharper and more present after a session with Jeremy.”
Lilian C. - Oakland, California
“Jeremy is soft, non-judgmental, understanding, and down-to-earth. He understands both western and eastern schools of thought on how the body actually works, and taught me how to work with my body to maintain a normal good-feeling. I am forever in his debt.”
Reanne N., - San Francisco, California
“I have been seeing Jeremy for more than one year, having been plagued for over 20 years by debilitating migraine headaches. Without question, Jeremy’s periodic acupuncture treatments have brought me nearly complete relief.”
John S. - Mill Valley, California
“He taught me some super useful practices, from taking better care of my body and managing my energy, to recognizing the stuck places/old patterns, untangling the knots and letting go. Long after a session there is still this unfurling spaciousness from the seeds he planted.”
Anna E. - San Francisco, California
“Jeremy has made me feel hopeful about taking on my pain and beating it vs being a victim of it and this mindshift has been absolutely invaluable to me both in dealing with this specific issue, but truly in how I look at and manage other challenges in my life.”
Steven G. - San Francisco, California
“”I think that Jeremy is fantastic. I first went to him to treat severe back pain, which I’ve had on and off for nearly 25 years, and for which Western medicine (including physical therapists) has never been very helpful. He gave me immediate and sustained relief.”
Marc A. - San Francisco, California