About Jeremy Rothenberg, LAc.

Jeremy Rothenberg, LAc helps takes pain away from his clients. His close attention and gentle adjustments to individual bodies and minds helps people release the underlying cause of pain and suffering.

Michael Phelps and Cupping – Does it Work?

Michael Phelps and Cupping - Does it Work? One of Chinese medicine's therapeutic modalities, cupping, was thrust into the spotlight this week when Michael Phelps, and other swimmers, were seen with odd circular marks on their skin.   Ever since then, I've been talking to my clients about "The Michael Phelps Treatment." [...]

Why Acupuncture?

Why Acupuncture? Should acupuncture be included in your regular health regimen? Think of it this way. Your body does a great job of regulating itself when conditions are right. You know this because when you’re off work, on vacation, or doing something you love… your body generally cooperates. You’re not stressed, you [...]

30 Day Paleo Diet

30 Day Paleo Diet Cleanse Food is our most effective medicine. What we eat becomes the raw materials for our bodies to produce energy, blood, tissues, and bones.   When we eat what can be referred to as the Standard American Diet (SAD) that is full of sugar, simple carbohydrates, and processed foods, we suffer. [...]