Fear is the Greatest Biological Weapon

The ultimate act of resistance is to search for, and discover, your true nature.

Your body and mind has been occupied and controlled by the powers that be. Our families, communities, society, culture, and economy are all subject to, and unwitting promoters of, this control.

We have been programmed from an early age to view ourselves as separate from each other and the world around us.

This is an illusion.

The illusion of separation causes us to feel afraid… isolated… lonely. Our bodyminds, our conscious awareness, remains in a defensive posture. We have the suspicion that something bad will happen to us. We are indoctrinated and conditioned to build up strong defenses and fight or compete with each other to succeed.

Fear drives our society, our politics, our economy… and is the main contributor to our health… or lack thereof.

Everything around us that has been created under this illusion, continues to stoke the flames of fear within us. This includes almost all the stories that we consume through books, movies, and the media. It is most obvious and apparent through advertising. We cannot go very far into our day without receiving the message that we are not enough; we’re not successful enough; not good looking enough; not strong or smart enough.

Hurry! Do something about it or you will fail!

“Fear is the greatest biological weapon” a friend said today.

When we’re afraid, our nervous systems cause us to see the world as threatening. The illusion of separateness is heightened and our bodyminds crave comfort and safety. This causes us to eat for comfort, buy things for comfort, and seek out experiences that will surround us with the feeling of comfort.

We are reactive and more easily programmable.

We will follow orders and submit to authority. We create layers and layers of protection within our own systems. We spend untold hours of our lives in fear and seeking comfort to ameliorate the pain. Instead of accessing our deepest wisdom, it becomes sealed beneath the layers of protection.

But there is a longing inside of each one of us for reunion with the whole. There’s a spark is in each of us waiting to be ignited. We sense it in our best moments. It’s the drive to help someone, to express ourselves fully, to give freely of the gift of life that has been given to us.

The feeling of excitement and possibility that comes when connected to this spark is what will guide us out of fear and into the recognition that we are not separate, we are the whole.