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First Tuesdays – Tools for Self Healing

What: A gathering to learn and practice tools to heal yourself and engage with your deepest wisdom.
When: First Tuesday of the Month, May 2, 6:45pm – 8:00pm
Where: 500 Sutter Street, Suite 907 (across the hall from my office)
Cost: FREE

Topic: Habits, Patterns, and Ritual – Reprogramming Your Mind & Body

Have you ever noticed how…
 – Difficult it is to change a habit?
 – You want to do something like meditate, exercise, or take better care of yourself … but you’re “too busy” … or you simply don’t do it!
 – You can drive a car at 80mph down the freeway while totally immersed in thought or conversation?  Who’s driving?

Change is hard:
 * Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year?  How’s that going?
 * Your mind has been programmed and “you” are not in control.
—–(95% of your daily life is generated from your unconscious mind)
 * To truly make change, you must become a conscious de- and re-programmer of your own mind. 

 What to do?
– Learn to become more aware of your unconscious patterns and their triggers.
– Find where your patterned mind is out-of-sync with your conscious desires.
– Create rituals that stop the unconscious processes and let you wake up and create your life.

Please join me and bring your friends!