First Tuesdays – Tools for Self Healing

What:Tools to heal yourself and engage with your deepest wisdom in challenging times.
When: First Tuesday of the Month, 6:30pm, 60-90 min.
Where: 500 Sutter Street, Suite 907 (across the hall from my office)
Cost: Free

We are in very strange and interesting times.

It’s a time for us all to wake up and put our best self forward.

With this in mind, and after some requests and a bit of nudging, I have decided to hold regular gatherings.

These gatherings will provide a space to slow down, connect, and delve deeper into our lives, the changing world around us, and the healing work that we can each engage in.

At the outset, these will be monthly, but could increase to bi-weekly or weekly, depending on demand.

All meetings will be FREE of charge.  You are encouraged to come and bring your friends.

Each meeting will have a general topic and will always relate to helping you feel better physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

My goal is to help you have a more profound experience of who you are, leading to greater satisfaction and joy in life.

We will focus on learning and discussing topics such as:

  • Mindfulness Meditation – How to enter the present moment and how this affects our experience of pain, stress, anxiety, and depression.
  • Daily Practices and Rituals – Let’s get into the details on how to incorporate meditation, radical acceptance, belly breathing, and other profound practices into your daily life.
  • Self Balancing the Nervous System –  We can adjust our own nervous systems to relieve suffering and open the door for deeper spiritual awareness.
  • Food as Medicine – We can talk about how food affects everything from how we feel physically to our mental state.
  • Politics –  Yes!  How we can transform the world by transforming ourselves … and how to stay engaged without fear.

Each meeting will begin with a short guided meditation that will help elucidate the topic of the day.  Then I will give a short talk and we will have some discussion.

Meetings will last 60-90 min.

I hope you will join me!