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Testimonials: Mind-Body Training

“Jeremy’s ability to help me feel and understand the connection between my thoughts, body sensations, and overall well-being has been one of the catalysts that helps me keep expanding toward an easier, happier version of me.

He is extremely gifted in helping me to achieve a relaxed body state and then guiding me to the origins of the stuck feelings or pattern.

Then, through a very unique method, he helps me to release the pattern and change the future trajectory of that pattern.  I go from feeling stuck, pessimistic or plagued by various erratic thoughts and emotions to feeling open and at ease about the future.

The best part is that in the weeks following our session, a space opens for a more authentic version of me to step forward and I’ve noticed that I make seemingly “magical” breakthroughs in various areas of my life.

Jeremy’s compassion, intuition, leadership, and wisdom is a winning combination.”

Ti C., San Francisco, CA

“Some people are born to be artists, some are born to design buildings and bridges, others are born to fix broken bones.

I’m convinced Jeremy was born to heal others and help them find their stronger, happier selves.

I started therapy & acupuncture with Jeremy when I was in the midst of a brutal heartbreak and a soul-killing job, and within a couple sessions, I was already feeling so much better and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Jeremy is truly compassionate and talented.”

David O., San Francisco, CA

“Jeremy was able to make an immediate impact on my life from our very first phone conversation. I never thought I would be able to receive such beneficial and life-changing knowledge over the phone.

Jeremy is an engaging teacher, nurturer, and healer. He has an incredible ability to help you dissect any situation, find its root existence and release it.

I’ve tried many types of therapy in my lifetime, but nothing has made me feel as good as I do working with Jeremy. I leave every session feeling lighter, awakened and empowered.

Jeremy is a gift and I look forward to finding my authentic self through his techniques and support.

Thank you Jeremy.”

Victor K., Minneapolis, MN

“Through the Enlightened Body class and one-on-one sessions, my world and consciousness are expanding exponentially.  Jeremy’s class addresses how to maintain one’s own heath in body, mind and spirit.

The techniques he taught have been invaluable at helping me move forward and maintain a more peaceful way of life in the midst of a frenetic city.

I am grateful for Jeremy and glad he is sharing his wisdom.”

Monica T., San Francisco, CA

“I was heading for crash-and-burn when grace landed me in Jeremy’s care.

The healing was magic, the talks perspective-shifting and much fun. With endless patience and insight he guided my avalanches of questions into a complete re-orientation, a new way of looking at it all.

He taught me some super useful practices, from taking better care of my body and managing my energy, to recognizing the stuck places/old patterns, untangling the knots and letting go. Long after a session there is still this unfurling spaciousness from the seeds he planted.

He’s by far the best doctor i’ve been to – highly intelligent and knowledgeable with a holistic perspective, intuitive healer-mojo and a gentle straight-shooting way.

He has brought great relief and new inspiration, i’m forever grateful.”

Anna E., San Francisco, CA

“Jeremy’s transformative work helped me GET TO a deep place in myself that is directly connected to where I’m challenged.

From there he guided me to RELEASE from the energetic origin of my resistance so that I could get into action. The result was LIGHTNESS & CLARITY. This is powerful work!”

Zazz D., Pismo Beach, CA

 “Jeremy provides a safe space for me to discuss day to day struggles I encounter. He has the ability to help me connect the the chatter in my head to the effects it can cause on the body.

Through this, I am able to quiet the noise and not let it get in the way of being present (which is a constant struggle at times). 

I leave each session relaxed and recharged. Jeremy, you are the best!”

Daniel Y., San Francisco, CA

“I’ve been dropping in to see Jeremy on and off over the years, and he continues to deliver quality healing each time.

His somatic healing really gets to the underlying causes of the body’s pain and holding patterns, teaching the body and brain how to finally let go!

Thanks, Jeremy, for sharing your gift with those of us who benefit from it greatly!”

Laurie G., Berkeley, CA