We Need Less

I am so tired of people trying to sell me stuff that will make me

Healthier!  Smarter!  More Efficient!  Richer!

You name it. Of course I know that some of these things are truly useful. Maybe most of them have some use. But how much stuff do I really need in this world? How many times will I think that this next thing, treatment, herbal medicine, anything … will solve the problem?

The answer is so much simpler than “more.” It’s less.

We are simply overloaded.

We’re overloaded mentally with all the details of the modern, hectic life.

We’re overloaded physically with those same demands, plus the lack of time for proper exercise, enough sleep, and deep reflection.

We’re overloaded emotionally by the absolute chaotic nature of our politics, our national discourse, and our inability to let go of our deepest fears … which keep getting stoked by the above.

And we’re overloaded spiritually as we continue to degrade our planet, the source of our living bodies, and the violence which we use to solve the problems of society – from how we communicate to how we threaten and fight the “other.”

We need less. The pressure is just too great.