You Are A Story Being Told

What happens when you get to the end of the road? You’ve tried to solve the problem. You’ve tried and tried and tried.

What if you let go?

Who’s letting go of what?

We are all on a path. It’s unknown and unknowable. That’s the predicament we’re in.

And yet, we try to know. We try to control. We “think” that we can achieve our goals … and that we will be happy or satisfied once achieved.

How come this doesn’t happen?

It doesn’t happen because it’s a fantasy. It’s not reality. You are not in control (the small “you” that some call your ego). You never were and you never will be. It’s simply not how things are.

Argue all you want … but if you look deeper and deeper into the problem, you’ll find that, not only are you not in control, you don’t even exist.

You are a story.

You are a story being told.

You are not the storyteller, nor are you the character in the story.

YOU are what is aware of the story.

Imagine that you’re sitting in a movie theatre watching a film. You see the main character in the film and begin to identify with her. You drop in so deeply that you begin to experience the world as her.

This is your life.

At some point, you remember that you are the person sitting in the movie theatre watching the film.  It’s just a movie.

At another point, you discover that you can get up and walk out of the theatre.  You’re free.


Where does this leave us? We are constantly trying to control a story in which we have no control. We are disheartened when it doesn’t go “our” way. We’re delighted when it does.

When we’re successful, we give ourselves the credit. When we fail, we blame ourselves.

But “we” don’t exist.

The small “you” does not exist at all except in your thoughts. You are a series of thoughts.

Nothing more.

At least, that’s all that we can verify.

But that should be enough to tell you to give up. Stop striving and searching and trying to solve your life’s problems.

Stop believing the messages that you hear about people who do. They haven’t and they won’t.

Everyone, including that person that you are thinking about, has problems to contend with that have not been solved. No matter how hard they tried, they haven’t solved the problem.

Everyone is suffering from the same delusion… that there is something we can do to solve it.

You are not living life. Life is living you.

YOU are living. “you” are lived.

This is a call for you to drop in deeper to the awareness within that is YOU (the capital YOU that is life’s mystery within).

YOU are calling the shots.

YOU know that “you” are just a character on the stage; a flimsy image projected on a screen.

It’s time to let go of that ID.

Don’t believe the hype.
You are not the problem.

You are not unfit.
You are not less-than.
You are not crazy.

The idea of you is crazy.

YOU are all that is.

And this piece of information is entirely useless to you.